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“I was very involved in music when I was much younger, playing drums and singing in a high school band. I’ve recently gotten back into performing/singing and needed help with vocal endurance. I reached out to Studio 88 and have been getting vocal lessons from Beth Dean. I liked her immediately. She was personable, knowledgeable and motivating. In a matter of just a few weeks, she had me singing with more power, more confidence and increased vocal endurance. I’m excited to continue with her and become an even better singer. Beth I can’t thank you enough!


– Brad Selack | Lead singer– Vintage Voodoo
“We absolutely love Studio 88. My ten year old daughter has been taking lessons about 6 months and I’m so impressed with how quickly she is learning and her new love for music.“
– Reagan Johnson


“I didn’t take lessons as a kid, but who says you can’t start playing piano as an adult? I’ve been taking lessons from Beth for 3 years now, and have to say that Beth is both a great teacher and a talented performer.  Whether your passion is classical or pop, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more well-rounded musician to learn from. You can find time to take lessons, even as an adult. Studio 88 makes it easy.”

~ Karen Blakeman


The recital was wonderful! I enjoyed the variety and look forward to the future. You’re an incredible teacher!

Pam Hricenak


“You know I can’t say enough good things about you, the studio and group lessons. I was hesitant at first about taking lessons in a group because I thought there wouldn’t be enough individualized attention.  I was surprised to find that being in a group made me push myself a little harder and that I didn’t really want that much solo attention.  Group lessons are great because you see what other people struggle with, develop different friendships and feel less pressure to perform for your teacher.

Strongly recommend group lessons to anyone interested in learning piano ESPECIALLY if the teacher is Mary Beth at Studio88!”

 ~ Angie Sanders


“Studio88 is amazing! The group lesson teaching style has been so wonderful for my daughter. Becca loves to learn, but loves to be challenged even more.  I believe that having others her age participating in the lesson at the same time as her, has increased the speed in which she’s learning to play.  The students do not compete against each other, but instead encourage each other, and that is such a refreshing approach!”

~ Stephanie Peniston


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