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Ryan Woods


Ryan studied all aspects of percussion from a young age, playing in many  styles of ensembles including but not limited to Rock Bands, Percussion  ensembles, Drumlines (American, Brazilian, and West African), Jazz  Combos, Big Bands, Steel Drum Ensembles, Orchestra, and Musical Pits.  Ryan also studied privately with collegiate professors and professional working drummers for the last 13 years. His teachers have included but  are not limited to Dr. Mathew Geiger of Eastern Tenesee State  University, Dr. Brian Mason of Morehead State University, and Mike  Hyman of the University of Louisville. Ryan has also worked professionally as a freelance drummer across the state of Kentucky for 5 years. During his four year studies at Morehead State he served as the only drummer in the university’s top big band for 3 full years and is also a veteran member of it’s Jazz Combo, Commercial Rock Ensemble, Percussion  Ensemble, Steel Band, and the first call drumset player for accompaniment for the MSU choir, and Jazz Vocal Ensemble.

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