Tuition and fees:

Registration and materials fees are due at registration. $25.00 per student/per semester. This covers the cost of any basic materials I will use to teach with. This does not include lesson books. 

Lesson Books:

Books will be purchased from me at the studio on an as needed basis. Books will need to be purchased before the first lesson. Typically, books are needed between 2-3 months, depending on the advancement of your child. I only charge what I pay for these books. 

Any extra music that I provide and I have to order from a digital sheet music source,

will be charged for this year. I will only charge what I pay for the sheet. (typically the sheets are $3.95-5.00 each.) If you purchase sheets at the music stores there is a considerable mark up. 


A $15.00 late fee will be assessed for any tuition remitted after the second week of each month it is due. 

If you are mailing a payment, the address is below:

Studio 88, L. L. C.
3270 Blazer Parkway
Suite 202
Lexington, Ky. 40509

Please make checks payable to Studio 88 for all teachers. 

I prefer check payment or you can use Paypal. Credit Card charges are 5.00 per use. 

Please understand that not only are you getting my full attention to your child AT their lesson time, but I am constantly preparing at home to make your child’s lessons successful. This is a FULL TIME job for me and I am responsible for bills at home just like everyone else. Please do not take this lightly. This is my business and I treat it as such.  Please respect ALL of the teachers at the studio in this same manner. Thank you. 

2019 Fall Semester Tuition: Group Piano 

FULL SEMESTER FEES:  17 weeks: Aug 19 through Dec. 21

$ 520.00 Total tuition per student: Group Piano lessons 

You can pay in full or: 

3 Payments:

August 19: $173.33

Sept 16        $173.33

Oct. 21         $173.33

$600.00 Total tuition per student: Private piano and Vocal lessons 

Payment Method 

Aug. 19 : $200.00

Sept 16 :  $200.00

Oct. 21 :   $200.00

This includes all studio fees, extra music and program/Recital fees. 

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