How much are lessons?

  • Group lessons: $35.00 per lesson/per week (subject to change)
  • Private lessons: $40.00 per lesson /per week (subject to change)

How long is a lesson?

  • Group lessons are 45 minutes once a week
  • Private lessons are 30 minutes once a week

Why group lessons?

  • Students learn more quickly and consistently in group lessons than in private lessons,
  • Students get to be part of an environment that is continually learning and consistently improving
  • Student’s make new friends and it makes lessons more enjoyable for everyone when students are learning with their friends
  • Parents are happy with results and continue to ask for group lessons even when the schedule doesn’t permit certain students to be in a group

How does a scheduling a group lesson work?

  • Typically, I try to put students in the same level and around the same age together to try to make the “perfect” group. However, this always isn’t possible, but I try!

What can a student expect from a group lesson?

  • There are 3-4 students in a group
  • The group has assignments of music from their books that each student practices. In lessons, students play pieces at the same time. (another reason why group lessons are great because it pushes the student to learn how to play pieces with others in the correct way, such as with rhythm, tempo, volume, etc.)
  • I help each student with those pieces to figure out in what area they need help in the most
  • Students also get to work on their own pieces, which helps them figure out what kind of music genre and style they like to play best.
  • Students play their own pieces at recitals, but with time, also with other students that play different instruments and vocal students!

How will group lessons work with COVID-19?

  • With piano lessons, it’s easier to maintain social distancing
  • There are clear barriers between each keyboard so students will not keep in contact with each other
  • I clean the keyboards between each lesson
  • Everyone is required to wear their mask to enter studio.
  • Temperatures will be taken at the door

How long should a student practice?

  • Primer level 1: no less than 20 minutes a day
  • Level 1-2: 30-40 minutes a day
  • Level 3-4: 1 hour a day
  • After this level, it is crucial students practice as long as they need to EFFECTIVELY practice difficult music to the point where they are performing it at their best.

I do not have a piano at home, what should I get?

  • It is mandatory to have a piano/keyboard.
  • What to get: Weighted Hammer Action 88 Keys (brands suggested: Yamaha, Roland, Casio-not ideal but still works)
  • You do not need a grand piano to be a good piano player! However, if you do have one that is in good condition and tuned that is wonderful!

Please read the following studio policies and procedures and where appropriate, share them with your young musicians. Please sign and return page four of this policy along with the Registration sheet, Student Info, and Tuition. Thank you for your business!

Lesson Schedule: 

Students attend a 55 minute lesson per week. For the 4-5-6 year olds, the lessons are only 30 minutes.  The group learning environment is carefully sequenced from August to May and parents and students commit to attend and prepare for lessons during this time. If there are only two or three people in a group, the lesson time is 45 minutes. Half hour slots are only available if a group does not fit for your child.


Lesson Etiquette: 

Please arrive on time and pick up students directly following lessons. The teachers will be concentrating on the lesson and will expect a smooth transition between lessons.  There are provided places for parents to wait while the lessons are conducted. Parents, please bring something for children to do as they wait for their brothers and sisters.  As the teachers will be teaching and Mrs. Ruth will be taking care of administrative tasks, there will be no one available to supervise the studio waiting area.  We have had some trouble with noise in the studio during and between lessons. If the waiting area is too restrictive you may wish to wait outside or in the car. We have a general policy of no shouting, running, or stomping in the studio.  We share the building below with another office, and they ask that we be respectful of their use of our building as well.  Beth, the owner, asks that the office/desk area remain child free. There are frequent times at which the teachers need to be in and out of the office.  Please help us keep the walk way and work areas free. Please leave food and drink outside. We understand that there are times when you may need to use your cell phone in the studio. Please keep the conversations short, because this can be distracting for your child and others taking lessons.

Missed Lessons:

Pro-rated tuition is offered for teacher absences ONLY. If special circumstances/sickness prevents a student’s attendance, lesson sheets will be mailed home. It is not my policy to ‘makeup’ lessons. But, I will, if possible, fit you in to another group later in the week. This is only if space and schedule permits. Please call the studio if you are not going to be attending your lesson. Or Email me at

Please understand that this is a full time job. I have a certain amount of students that I count on each month. If you do not come to your lessons, this does not mean that you do not pay for them. I will not have conversations about this once you sign this policy. Please respect me in this. I am not unreasonable and I will always try to put your child in another slot if I can. The tuition that you pay is the same as paying for school or any other activity or camp. If you miss a day of school or a day of camp, you do not receive your money back or get a ‘make-up’ time.

Not only are you paying for the lesson, you are also holding a slot for your child. Otherwise, I have other students waiting to be placed in that slot. If payment is not made each month by the second week, there will be a $15.00 charge. NO exceptions. If you think you will not remember each month, then please pay the full tuition up front. 


Home Instrument:

Parents, it is crucial to your child’s development musically, to have a piano or keyboard with full-sized keys (preferably hammer-action) in your home. I wish I could tell you that it would work to ‘see if you child will like it first’, but I cannot. There is just no way to get around this fact: Your child MUST have the proper instrument to practice on at home, or they will not be able to take lessons at Studio 88. I take this very seriously. 

I understand the cost involved, but no one learns anything without the proper equipment. (Golf clubs, tennis rackets, football gear, baseball gear, dance shoes, guitar, and other musical instruments)  I feel that having the right instrument is even more important if you want your child to succeed. This does NOT mean that you have to have a keyboard like I will have in the studio. If you have a piano in your home, this is great. Even if it needs a bit of work done, have the work done, get it tuned and in working condition. (There is nothing worse than ‘starting them out’ on an instrument that will depress them! There are excellent, full sized keyboards, that will not break your bank account and I can help you with that if needed. Just ask!)

Rental keyboards are available if you do not want to purchase a keyboard when your child starts. I have found that if you purchase one and set a schedule of practice time, your child will succeed and will not have to ‘try’ the lessons first. Make a commitment with your child and stick with it. If you would like to rent a keyboard from me at the studio, the fee is $40.00 per month. This includes the keyboard, stand, foot pedals and bench. There is a rental policy that will need to be signed in order to take the keyboard home. 

Playing time:

To enjoy any activity, you must be able to see how much you are improving and accomplishing. How much you improve is connected to how much you spend playing and making music. This should become part of your life. Please PLAN a time to play the piano everyday. This time should be carefully orchestrated within your household for optimal concentration with few outside distractions. Parents, you must follow through on the ‘playing’ time for your child.

You cannot say to them “YOU NEED TO PRACTICE” and not set a TIME and follow through with it. YOU are paying the money for them to learn.  That’s just the way it is. We ALL have to be MADE to do things even as we grow older, and it doesn’t work any differently for children!

***Be sure you know what your child should be working on and read the material that is sent home. This is a great opportunity for you to share in your child’s life…and maybe learn to play too!

Suggested Practice times: 

5-7 year olds: 15-20 min. 4-5 days per week

8-12 year olds: 40 min. 5 days/week

13-adult: 30-45 min. 5-6 days/week

Intermediate and Advanced students: 1 hour daily


I will post ANY cancellations of weeks off in the studio. I will also remind you via email.

Please be sure you keep track of these weeks off. I will be SURE that you have those 

at the beginning of the semester so you can add them in your calendar. 

If Fayette County schools are closed due to inclement weather, please call the studio and I will leave a voice message as to whether I am teaching that day. Many times school is closed, but by the afternoon the roads are clear. I do not take off for school holidays, except Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Recitals/Programs: It is my desire to have every child play in each recital. Sometimes I do not choose to do this based on their preparation or the number of students in the program. Because there are so many students involved in each recital I usually have two programs to accommodate everyone. Because of the cost and time involved for me to get everyone scheduled and pay for the building to be used and pay for the sound person, and other expenses I charge a 15.00 recital fee. This will allow us to have great lighting, sound, video and be even more professional. If you do not want to pay that fee and not have your child participate in the recital, that is fine, but I believe that performing is a powerful tool to encourage children to do even better. My goal is to have more performing opportunities this year outside of the normal recital time. 

Please understand that not only are you getting my full attention to your child AT their lesson time, but I am constantly preparing at home to make your child’s lessons successful. This is a FULL TIME job for me and I am responsible for bills at home just like everyone else. Please do not take this lightly. This is my business and I treat it as such.  Please respect ALL of the teachers at the studio in this same manner. Thank you.