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Jasmine Davis


Jasmine has over 15 years of professional teaching experience and has successfully taught hundreds of students of all ages, skill levels and genres. Helping children, teenagers and adults find their true, authentic voice through function-centered singing and mindful awareness is her dream job and she gets to do it every day! As a function-centered voice teacher, Jasmine has the skills to teach any genre from classical to country, (although her favorites are commercial/radio genres and musical theater.) She grew up singing country and bluegrass music before being trained professionally and still enjoys doing this every opportunity she gets.

Jasmine is professionally trained with undergraduate and graduate degrees in voice performance and pedagogy (this means she has performed A LOT and learned how to best teach others how to sing and perform). She also has spent much of her post graduate time furthering her education in voice science, function, somatic education, psychology and mindful awareness.

Jasmine also spent over 6 years teaching at the collegiate level as a college professor in Nashville, TN at two of the leading university vocal programs offering commercial vocal training. She has numerous past students who are professional and touring musicians nationwide!


In her free time, Jasmine loves spending time outside hiking, camping and gardening, especially with her dog, Copper, by her side. She is also an avid thrifter/antique collector!

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