Gabe Robitaille

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Gabe Robitaille is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who recently moved to Lexington KY after more than 10 years of offering private guitar, bass and ukulele lessons. They believe that music is primarily and most importantly meant to be an enjoyable means of creative self expression and entertainment, and as such their teaching philosophy puts a strong emphasis on ensuring that learning an instrument is a fun and engaging experience.

Their curriculum is heavily personalized to fit the needs and preferences of each student, choosing whenever possible to pull from songs and artists the student is already familiar with to teach new techniques and concepts. Though Gabe has taught an extremely wide range of styles and genres, their personal musical background is primarily in Punk, Indie, Ska, Rock, Folk, and Flamenco. You can expect to develop a repertoire of your favorite songs, learn basic upkeep and maintenance of your instrument, and build an understanding of and confidence in your ability to express yourself through your own improvisation and songwriting.