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Emily Lawrence


Emily Lawrence is a Lexington-based theater education artist, actor, and director. Emily attended Western Kentucky University where she earned her Bachelors in Theater and Bachelors in Psychology. Emily believes that theater should be accessible to everyone, and strives to create a safe space for students of all abilities, ages, and backgrounds. Growing up in Versailles, KY, Emily was introduced to theater when she was in the 5th grade, and has been telling stories ever since. While pursuing her Bachelors Degree, Emily directed several shows, worked alongside tenured professors, performed in several productions including Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, and studied theater history, acting techniques, and theater education. Emily has also worked as an education artist at several different professional theaters, and is excited to bring her talents, enthusiasm, and love of theater to Lexington, KY. Emily’s teaching philosophy is centered on creating safe, positive learning environments where students can build their confidence, increase their interpersonal skills, and learn to tell stories using their voices, their bodies, and their imaginations.

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