Chris Weiss

Chris Weiss is a church musician and song writer in Lexington. He heads up the music program at South Elkhorn Christian Church. Any given weekend you can find Chris leading worship or performing in and around Lexington. He has an Masters Degree in Music from the University of Kentucky, and has been teaching guitar and voice for 11 years. 

Chris began playing guitar at age 10. By the time he reached high school he was already involved in several areas of study, including classical guitar, jazz ensemble, praise band, and his garage band “Cooks Choice”. At Asbury University Chris studied classical guitar with Al Beers the instructor of guitar for the school of music. Al says “Chris is one of the most intelligent and hardworking students I have had in my 16 years of college teaching. His personality and communication skills are what make him a highly effective instructor.” 

When I spoke with Chris about joining us at Studio 88, I was excited to hear his teaching philosophy. . . he said, “Success is my primary concern, first people must succeed.  If you can teach them how to do that, they will love what they are doing.  No matter what age you are, you can create your own music to enjoy”. Chris teaches individual lessons in acoustic guitar, electric guitar, voice, bass, ukulele, song writing, and music theory.  You will find his sense of humor and gentle spirit comfortable and his focus on success inspiring!

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