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Catherine Thomsen


Catherine Thomsen (Vocals) – Catherine is an experienced singer, performer, and teacher, comfortable in a variety of genres including jazz, country, pop, and classical. Originally from Seattle, she studied classical voice and music theory at the University of Washington and vocal jazz at the Cornish Institute of the Arts. During her time in Seattle, she performed not only in college operetta productions, choral ensembles, and recitals, but also in jazz and country groups throughout the city. Over the past few years, she has performed regularly in jazz groups in Kentucky. In 2015, she became the lead singer for the band 4th Street Station, an eclectic group whose music includes classic and modern jazz as well as blues and pop. Catherine joined Tango D’Ville in 2017 and enjoys exploring the sounds and languages of the larger world of tango.

As a teacher, Catherine is committed to nurturing her students’ technical and artistic growth. She believes in cultivating a vision within each singer of themselves as an instrument, a musician, and an artist.

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